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Hardwood flooring

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Vinyl flooring

Tile flooring

Carpet flooring

Bamboo flooring

Cork flooring

Engineered wood flooring

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Flooring repair

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Kitchen flooring

Bathroom tile installation

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Living room carpeting

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CoreLuxe Vinyl Flooring Review (LL Flooring)

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Oak flooring

Walnut hardwood floors

Travertine tile

Marble flooring

Luxury vinyl plank

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Modern flooring trends

Rustic hardwood floors

Contemporary tile patterns

Classic carpet styles

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Hardwood floor maintenance

Tile cleaning tips

Carpet stain removal

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9. Hardwood flooring Sacramento


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30. Oak and walnut hardwood floors


Travertine and marble tile flooring

Upscale luxury vinyl plank options

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33. Modern flooring trends in Sacramento


Rustic and classic hardwood styles

Contemporary tile patterns CA

Timeless carpet designs

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37. Hardwood floor maintenance tips


Tile and grout cleaning techniques

Carpet stain removal solutions

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20. Hardwood Flooring


Laminate Flooring

Vinyl Flooring

Tile Flooring

Carpet Flooring

Bamboo Flooring

Cork Flooring

Engineered Wood Flooring

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36. Flooring Repair


Floor Refinishing

Eco-friendly Flooring

Commercial Flooring Solutions

Specific Room or Space:

40. Kitchen Flooring


Bathroom Tile Installation

Basement Flooring Options

Living Room Carpeting

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44. CoreLuxe Vinyl Flooring Review (LL Flooring)


OptiMax Eco Resilient Flooring Review

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48. Oak Flooring


Walnut Hardwood Floors

Travertine Tile

Marble Flooring

Luxury Vinyl Plank

Style and Design:

53. Modern Flooring Trends


Rustic Hardwood Floors

Contemporary Tile Patterns

Classic Carpet Styles

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57. Hardwood Floor Maintenance


Tile Cleaning Tips

Carpet Stain Removal

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60. Affordable Flooring Solutions


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63. Hardwood vs. Laminate


Tile vs. Vinyl

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Premium Flooring Services in Sacramento, CA

Transform your space with our expert flooring solutions in Sacramento, CA. We offer a wide range of premium flooring options to suit your style and budget. From hardwood to laminate and everything in between, our skilled team delivers quality craftsmanship and exceptional service.


Sacramento's Trusted Flooring Experts

Looking for top-notch flooring solutions in Sacramento, CA? Look no further! Our experienced flooring company offers a diverse selection of flooring materials and styles to enhance the beauty and functionality of your home. We take pride in our meticulous installation and attention to detail.


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Discover the perfect flooring for your Sacramento home with our extensive collection of options. Whether you're seeking elegant hardwood, cozy carpet, or modern tile, our flooring company provides personalized solutions that meet your aesthetic preferences and lifestyle needs.


Transforming Sacramento Interiors with Exquisite Flooring

Make a lasting impression with stunning flooring from our Sacramento-based company. Our team of skilled professionals understands the nuances of design and functionality, helping you select the ideal flooring material to elevate your living spaces.


Quality Flooring Solutions for Sacramento Residents

Your search for high-quality flooring services in Sacramento, CA ends here. We offer an array of flooring choices, backed by years of experience and expertise. From initial consultation to installation, we prioritize customer satisfaction and long-lasting results.


Sacramento Flooring Specialists for Every Project

At our Sacramento flooring company, we cater to projects of all sizes. Whether you're renovating a single room or your entire home, our specialists guide you through the selection process, ensuring you find the flooring that aligns perfectly with your vision.


Revitalize Your Sacramento Home with New Flooring

Ready to refresh your home's look? Our Sacramento-based flooring experts are here to help. We offer a curated selection of flooring options that bring beauty, durability, and style to your interiors. Experience the difference of quality craftsmanship and top-notch materials.


Unparalleled Flooring Choices in Sacramento, CA

Choose from a wide range of flooring materials, patterns, and colors at our Sacramento showroom. Our flooring company is dedicated to providing you with options that suit your taste and lifestyle, creating inviting spaces that reflect your unique personality.


Sacramento's Flooring Renovation Destination

If you're planning a flooring renovation in Sacramento, look no further. Our company offers tailored solutions that blend aesthetics and functionality seamlessly. From classic to contemporary, our flooring options cater to diverse design preferences.


Expert Flooring Solutions for Sacramento Homes

Enhance the value and appeal of your Sacramento residence with our expert flooring services. Our team combines skill and creativity to deliver flooring solutions that align with your home's architecture and your personal style, ensuring a cohesive and striking result.


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Mohawk Industries: Mohawk offers a wide range of flooring options, including carpet, hardwood, laminate, and luxury vinyl.


Shaw Floors: Shaw is known for its diverse selection of carpets, hardwood, laminate, and luxury vinyl flooring.


Armstrong Flooring: Armstrong is a well-established brand offering various types of flooring, including hardwood, laminate, vinyl, and linoleum.


Tarkett: Tarkett provides a range of flooring solutions, including vinyl, linoleum, laminate, and sports flooring.


Mannington Mills: Mannington is known for its high-quality hardwood, laminate, and vinyl flooring options.


Karndean: Karndean specializes in luxury vinyl flooring that closely resembles natural materials like wood and stone.


Lumber Liquidators: This retailer offers a variety of hardwood, laminate, and vinyl flooring options at different price points.


Pergo: Pergo is a brand recognized for its pioneering work in laminate flooring and has expanded into other flooring types as well.


Bruce: Bruce, a subsidiary of Armstrong Flooring, is known for its hardwood flooring products.


Quick-Step: Quick-Step is another reputable brand in the laminate flooring market.


Coretec: Coretec is a popular brand for luxury vinyl plank flooring, known for its durability and water resistance.


Emser Tile: If you're interested in tile flooring, Emser Tile offers a wide range of options, including porcelain, ceramic, and natural stone tiles.


Daltile: Daltile is a well-known brand for various types of tile, including ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone.


Florida Tile: Florida Tile is recognized for its ceramic and porcelain tile products, often with unique designs and patterns.


Crossville: Crossville is a brand that focuses on high-quality porcelain and ceramic tile options.


Mohawk Industries: Discover an extensive selection of flooring choices by Mohawk Industries, featuring carpets, hardwood, laminate, and luxury vinyl options.


Shaw Floors: Elevate your space with Shaw Floors' diverse range of flooring solutions, encompassing carpets, hardwood, laminate, and luxury vinyl.


Armstrong Flooring: Experience the excellence of Armstrong Flooring, a trusted brand offering a wide array of flooring, including hardwood, laminate, vinyl, and linoleum.


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Mannington Mills: Discover top-tier quality in hardwood, laminate, and vinyl flooring from Mannington Mills, a renowned name in the industry.


Karndean: Immerse yourself in the luxury vinyl flooring expertise of Karndean, masterfully replicating natural materials like wood and stone.


Lumber Liquidators: Find your ideal flooring fit at Lumber Liquidators, offering an extensive range of hardwood, laminate, and vinyl options across various price points.


Pergo: Pioneer in laminate flooring, Pergo offers innovative options that extend beyond laminate to other premium flooring choices.


Bruce: Explore the elegance of Bruce's hardwood flooring, a subsidiary of Armstrong Flooring, renowned for its timeless appeal.


Quick-Step: Elevate your space with Quick-Step, a reputable brand known for its exceptional offerings in the laminate flooring market.


Coretec: Experience the durability and water resistance of Coretec's popular luxury vinyl plank flooring, a brand synonymous with quality.


Emser Tile: Unleash your creativity with Emser Tile's extensive range, including porcelain, ceramic, and natural stone tiles, perfect for your tile flooring needs.


Daltile: Elevate your space with Daltile, a prominent brand offering a wide variety of tile options, from ceramic to porcelain and natural stone.


Florida Tile: Infuse unique designs and patterns into your space with Florida Tile's ceramic and porcelain tile products, setting your floors apart.


Crossville: Experience top-notch porcelain and ceramic tile options from Crossville, a brand dedicated to delivering high-quality solutions for your flooring aspirations.


Lumber Liquidators: This chain offers a wide range of hardwood, laminate, vinyl, and tile flooring options. They have several locations throughout California.


The Home Depot: As a major home improvement retailer, The Home Depot offers various flooring options, including hardwood, laminate, carpet, vinyl, and tile. They have numerous stores across California.


Floor & Decor: Known for a vast selection of tiles, natural stone, and laminate flooring, Floor & Decor has several locations in California.


ProSource Wholesale: Primarily catering to trade professionals, ProSource offers a range of flooring materials such as hardwood, carpet, tile, and more. They have showrooms in different parts of California.


Empire Today: This company provides in-home consultations and installation services for a variety of flooring types, including carpet, hardwood, laminate, and vinyl.


Avalon Flooring: Although primarily located on the East Coast, Avalon Flooring has made its way to California. They offer a variety of flooring materials, including hardwood, tile, and carpet.


Abbey Carpet & Floor: This retailer offers a wide range of flooring options, including carpet, hardwood, laminate, vinyl, and tile. They have multiple locations across California.


West Coast Flooring Center: This is a San Diego-based company that offers a selection of flooring materials, including hardwood, carpet, tile, and vinyl.


California Flooring & Design: With a showroom in San Diego, this supplier offers a range of flooring options, including hardwood, laminate, tile, and carpet.


FastFloors: An online retailer that ships flooring materials directly to customers in California and beyond.


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Structure: Rigid Stone Plastic Composite (SPC)
Length: 48
Width: 6.62
Thickness: 4.5mm
Wear Layer:
Install Type: Click Lock
SqFt / Box: 30.88 ft


— Used as a transition from wood to carpet, sliding glass doors, or areas around fireplaces.
— Frames all flooring projects and covers expansion gaps next to walls.